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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

There has been an ongoing realisation amongst SEO professionals as of late due to the development of search engines. This realisation is that the most important area of search engine optimisation is that which occurs off of the page. This area has been aptly named Off Page SEO and relates to how Google and the like now determine a websites relevance in reference to its links from external sites.

This development which has occurred within the world of search engines has come from a need for greater differentiation between sites. The problem is that On Page SEO has become easily manipulated so that most websites now have some sort of techniques in place to heighten their On Page SEO. For this reason, Google emerged with their Page Rank algorithm, which took into account external links, thus making differentiation that little bit more successful.

This is where search engine optimisation and online marketing combine to create true Internet visibility and through link building, companies can maximise their online profile and foreground themselves towards the top of a search engine results page.

SEO web authority

Off Page SEO is vital to any business which wants to make a lasting impression on its search engine profile as it not only helps your position in SERPs, but also gives you web authority. This authority is not just determined by the content you have on your website, but also by things such as who links to your page, whose pages you link to, and how many websites with authority affiliate themselves with you.

Off Page SEO has evolved to ensure that your website will build up authority. This is done by providing services like news, media and RSS feeds that are produced as a result of your data. Having done this, news companies and the like will be more likely to work with you, thus consistently improving your authority.

High quality back links

Becoming ever more prevalent in the world of Off Page SEO is the importance of social bookmarking sites, such as Digg and StumbleUpon. By using this type of posts in your blogs, you could achieve back links of high quality and from sites with authority. This can lead to the encouragement of visitors and through using the sites, your content will be added to their bookmarks , thus creating inbound links.

Regularly updated links also play a big part in Off Page SEO, as is remaining present in the best online directories. The important thing is to have links that are relevant to your keyword, as a link like that, from a site in the same thematic area as you will be much more beneficial than one which has no relevance to your website but is just a keyword used out of its original context.

To fully establish your website as one with great Internet presence, it is necessary to employ some, if not all of the Off Page SEO techniques described above. Also, add to this a strong Internet marketing campaign, good peer-to-peer collaboration, and your Off Page SEO will optimise success.

High ratings in SERPs.

As has been previously stated countless times, all of this effort is fruitless if you don’t adhere to the most important principle, that being relevance. High ratings in SERPs will obviously mean increased traffic but if the visitors that are being attracted are not the visitors interested by your services it will result in no increase in successful conversion into sales, downloads, etc.

On your website, content is crucial, but it must suit the needs and interests of your targeted audience. Search engines strive to funnel visitors straight to the sites of greatest relevance for their keyword search and so the key to gaining traffic is in creating this relevance. Off Page SEO holds this building of relevance in high esteem and as one of its primary targets in any project.

For example, when linking to things within your own website, do not use meaningless phrases such as “click here”. This is irrelevant to your keyword and will not increase your site’s relevance. By instead making a link which is known as an Exact Match Link, it will summarise the page that people are being linked to, something that search engines like very much.

the key techniques in producing good Off Page SEO

We will conclude this explanation with a few examples of external websites which are great sources for inbound links, one of the key techniques in producing good Off Page SEO:

  • Participation in discussion forums can be beneficial as most will allow hyper-links to be used in signatures, thus leading people to your site after you have made useful and informative posts.
  • Press releases from news site like the BBC can have a lasting impact on the visibility of your site as they have huge audiences and search engines constantly scour their pages for items of relevance.
  • Paid advertising through directories like Google and Yahoo can help to promote your website.
  • PPC, or Pay Per Click campaigns can generate much interest in your web pages, but as mentioned before, this is a only a short-term technique employed so that your site can climb the organic search engine rankings in good time.
  • Publishing content in RSS news feeds in many different ways will help visibility.

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