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Posted: November 12, 2016

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the new buzz word that every website design company seems to be using at the moment. What people don’t realize is that SEO falls into two categories, Basic SEO and Advanced SEO.

Basic SEO

Basic SEO is standard website design practice. The reason website design companies are pushing SEO as a service is because there are plenty of website designers that can’t make a decent website, the website might look amazing but with out using standard website design techniques its unreadable in the eyes of Google. This means the website won’t be listed by Google in its search results except under its domain name as this is the only element Google can read. All of our websites include basic SEO as standard at no extra charge, as I said its just standard website design practice.

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO involves a lot of work over a number of years, any new website that appears in the top 10 search results of Google for competitive key words has worked hard to get there. In short it takes a long time and costs a lot of money to get a website onto the first page of Google for competitive keywords. However a website that’s on the first page of Google will attract a lot of visitors and therefore be profitable.

We only take on advanced SEO projects when the budget is realistic enough to produces results. The budget varies massively depending on the particular key words you want your website to be listed under. Contact us for more details.

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