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At SEO FS we like to make search engine optimisation easy to understand and show you how it can have a massive impact on your business and enhance your web presence.

When done correctly, visitors to your website will be significantly increased. SEO will ensure that you are getting the right kind of visitors to your website ensuring that both your internet presence and online reputation are enhanced resulting in more sales for your business.

SEO FS are leading the way offering SEO services at a competitive price to make marketing online accessible to even the smallest of local businesses. We believe in only using “white hat” techniques, the best and most ethical approach to search engine optimisation which will build your online brand correctly for the long term. We are skilled in what we do and have many many years of experience in getting clients the results that they deserve. The process is completely transparent and you see on a monthly basis exactly what results are being achieved. Our professional, highly skilled approach to search engine optimisation for our clients always delivers traffic, but more importantly, good quality traffic to their websites.

If your website is not visible on searches then you are potentially losing out on over 80% of business. Our search engine optimisation process ensures that your website gets noticed and drives more traffic and customers to you rather than your competitors.

SEO Audit


Ethical SEO company

We currently have website optimisation offices in Birmingham and Manchester and we have managed to build up a reputation as an ethical SEO company who deliver results fast. The work we do is completely transparent and you are provided with reports every step of the way. You will see exactly what is being done and what effect that is having on the search engine positions for your chosen keywords. We don’t believe in offering lots of different reports that confuse and cloud the goals that we are working to achieve (although you are more than welcome to those if you want them) – we simply give it to you straight in a clear and concise manner.

Every campaign that is run is managed by a dedicated Account Manager who will communicate with you with regards to all aspects of your search engine optimisation campaign. They will work closely with you throughout the project and deliver recommendations and analysis on an ongoing basis. This level of personal service is over and above many of our competitors and really works towards building lasting relationships with our clients.

It is this ongoing process which makes our SEO techniques so effective. This continued approach will help your business grow, attract new leads and clients to your company and ensure that your company is the recognised brand within your sector.

Free SEO Analysis

SEO FS offer a free no obligation SEO Analysis service. This really is the starting point of any SEO campaign and provides you with an honest appraisal of how your website is already performing. You will know exactly where your website is ranking for your chosen keywords and will give us the opportunity to show you where your website could be and the effects that it will have on your business.

We will highlight any keywords which we feel will be more effective for your business and show you how much traffic they are already receiving.

Included in this analysis will be a VERY COMPETITIVE QUOTATION. We will also explain the process that we will follow should you go on to choose our SEO services. There are always key steps which need to be followed, both on-page and off-page so that your target audience is attracted to your website which in turn leads to a fantastic web presence for your business.

Search engine optimisation (also known as SEO) is the method by which a website is adjusted, both internally and externally, in order to improve its visibility and ranking in search engines.

In this, the age of instant information, the majority of all web traffic flows through the most well-known commercial search engines, those being Google, MSN and Yahoo. Using current figures, it has been estimated that around 62% of all worldwide searches are done using Google, making up a figure of approximately 38 billion. Yahoo comes a slow second with 8.6 billion, and Microsoft’s MSN trails with 2.5 billion.

This ever-expanding use of search engines means that websites must become ‘search engine friendly’ if wanting to increase their traffic and consequently, their revenue. With almost 80% of users disregarding their search if unfruitful within the first 3 pages, high placement within these results is vital. The best kind of SEO will produce very high organic returns, and with over 70% of users preferring organic search results as opposed to ‘sponsored links’, it can have an incredible effect.

In SEO, it is never guaranteed that your site will achieve the top spot in a Google key word search. Anyone who makes such or similar guarantees is either a fool, or determined to fool others. However, SEO is the best way to improve your visibility in search engines, and as such, improving your business as a whole.

SEO, although not a simple switch for success, can pave the way to it when combined with other business techniques. It is a field which is constantly evolving and one that requires regular tweaking, due to the very nature of search engines, with their ever-changing algorithms, as well as other issues, such as the work of your competitors in regards to their own optimisation methods.

No-one can ever claim to know all the secrets of SEO or have a complete and finite knowledge of it. However, there are organisations, such as SEO FS, who strive to do the best we can to apply the vast array of knowledge we do have. To be optimally placed in a search engine is highly sought after and can never be guaranteed due to the reasons mentioned above. Guarantees can be given in terms of search engine optimisation, but they will either be based on elements of SEO that are too specific or too vague, rendering the entire process worthless. Any body which gives guarantees should be seen as one lacking professionalism in the field of search engine optimisation, or, as previously alerted, one that is trying to deceive people into exchanging money for unrealistic promises.

To be professional and successful in search engine optimisation a multi-disciplined approach is vital, combining components such as marketing, web design & development, copy-writing and analysis. These professional skills, alongside others, are absolutely essential to a thoroughly planned and executed search engine optimisation process.

One of the first steps along the road to a successful search engine optimisation project is in deciding what words and phrases are key to attracting the sorts of visitors your site needs – in other words, your semantic space.

Semantic Space

The keywords and phrases that define your website are entirely dependent upon the objectives of your business and must be thoroughly researched so that they will best represent what you wish to offer as an organisation and in what ways your intended audience are searching for these services. If the words and phrases are chosen well, then they will attract the visitors you most want and who can be converted into sales, votes, downloads, etc. This is the main goal of search engine optimisation.

Search engine preparation

As well as setting up the previously explained ‘semantic space’, it is also important that your website is ready for search engines on a more technical, behind-the-scenes level. Through a site analysis, we can determine where there are problems with a website, with these including unfriendly URLS or obstacles to search engine spiders. Even a small coding difference on a web page can be necessary as it can ensure that your site loads quickly and has an accessible structure to search engines in terms of content to code ratio, thus optimising your site for its purpose.


Copy is, without doubt, one of the most important things when it comes to search engine optimisation. Due to the fact that search engines don’t look for images, video, or other non-written features, it is essential that your text content is good.

However, some so-called ‘experts’ of search engine optimisation tend to head in the wrong direction when attempting to write good, relevant copy. It is needless to say that relevance has a huge impact on keyword searches, but these ‘specialists’ take this idea too much to heart and end up dropping keywords everywhere, which makes copy unreadable, which, in turn, deters visitors and destroys credibility. Good copy is that which engages its audience whilst using the relevant keywords and phrases as and when needed, so that the audience will spread word of the quality of the site and improve its credibility tenfold.


As any web designer knows, structure is also one of the columns that hold up a website. Search engines also deem structure as important and like to understand what is most important to your organisation. By organising material so that the most semantically relevant is highest in the site hierarchy and each page has structural elements, such as headings and other HTML tags, a search engine will easily understand what is important to you.

Link popularity

Another crucial aspect of ranking within a search engine is link analysis. This has, in fact, become one of the most important pieces of criteria, with Google and other search engines now determining a site’s importance based on its links from external sites. These search engines are very positive in ranking when they see that a site has high quality incoming links from other relevant web sites. These links could come from current associates, press releases, blogs and online directories.

This is just a short introduction to the world of search engine optimisation, a on-going process that is ever-changing to suit the conditions presented to it. By engaging in the process of SEO it will not only improve your site ranking, but it will also benefit your Internet presence on the whole. The value and health of a site will also be increased, as will usability after HTML code has been optimised and combine that with content that is relevant and interesting, link popularity will increase. In short, search engine optimisation will help you to improve your business for the better.

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